“Traveler's Coffee” opened its first roastery in Novosibirsk in 2002 and it is still the only coffee roaster in the Asian part of Russia and only one of a few in Russia. Today, the roastery produces about 600 kg of specialty coffee each shift. We're using the roasters, which are manufactured by a German company “Probat”. Coffee roasting is a complex technological process, which requires thorough practical knowledge and skills. Even though the roasting process is completely automatic, it requires attention of the professional roast master. We're proud that our specialists have studied under the guidance of Mark Inman, who is one of the founders of the Organic Coffee Association (ORCA). We believe that the search for an ideal taste in each sort of coffee is a true art, which requires many years of experience and doesn't define a limit for perfection. Read on our website: How do we roast coffee?



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